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Community, Comradery, and Campfire

There's nothing like the smokey smell of a warm campfire the night before a new week starts. The air is still, the sun is slowly setting. And best of all, the company you are with is warm and inviting. I will admit, being a peer minister, this was my first campfire that I got to enjoy with the Wesley family. And I was more than happy with the way the night went.

As introductions started our night, with several group regulars and a couple of newbies like myself joining the evening, we slowly all settled into conversation and story sharing about our times as a student throughout this semester. We all shared the common sentiment that the Fall of 2021 was even less predictable than the prior, given that at one point there was hope in daily life returning to a regular pace. Even with the constant fluctuations in our outlook for the academic year, one thing remained constant: the family we all found in Wesley, near and far, old and new. Embracing the subtle sunset, our group roasted delicious hot dogs and smores that included a decadent variety of chocolate and homemade marshmallow flavor options.

Mouths watering in anticipation of the delicious goodies, we basked in the night sky that held us tight and kept an eye on our bright flames. Though our firewood proved slightly stubborn in holding the fire strong, we all shared a good laugh during our group efforts to revive the embers. The hours passed like minutes and before realizing, the night grew silent as 8pm approached. I couldn't have felt more contentment and community on a Sunday evening with a group of friendly and caring individuals. Now, every time I hold wesley in my mind, the sticky sweetness of the smore's treats, and the flowing flames of the campfire comradery appear without fail.

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