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New Wesley Line Up!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Wesley is introducing a plethora of fun activities and groups!

Get connected and meet new people with a Queer space group - find friends and solidarity while exploring queer theology.

New to campus? Join the Freshman Lift group to meet new friends and talk through the ups and downs of starting college. Get advice from upperclassmen and meet freshman going through the same struggles.

Want to fuel your social justice engine? Join the Social Justice Bible Study or Anti-Racism Book Club.

Want something to listen to? Try our two new podcasts Midweek Mic a weekly devotional or Surviving & Thriving.

There is something for everyone!

To sign up for our small groups, just follow these links:

*Freshman LIFT Group - led by peer minister, Noa, and our campus ministry intern, Kenny

*Anti-Racism Book Club - led by peer ministers Agrismary and Danica, and ministry assistant, Liz

*In Your Image - A Queer Space - led by peer minister, Ave, and campus ministry assistant, Liz

*Social Justice Bible Study - led by peer minister, Danica, and campus minister, Julie

*The Awakened Life: Mindfulness & Meditation - led by peer minister, Noa, and campus minister, Julie

Grad Student Book Club - led by grad student, Meg (contact to join!)

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